February 11, 2010
1:09 am

Blood Leaves Lovely.

If you’ve made it this far, one imagines that it’s safe to assume you’re already aware of the fact that Privilege pt. 1: On Death & Endearments is presently available for Pre-Order. At this current pitch of sales, we may just break even on this venture after all.

The half-hearted press push has resulted in a couple of charmingly(?) self-deprecating features so far for your perusal, should you find yourself with nothing better to do:

Drowned In Sound
Soundtrack: The Fall (via This Is Fake DIY)
Epilogue Magazine

Oh, and as for all this bloody business—we can only hope that this particular grotesquery will finally purge Mr. Pennington of his decidedly juvenile sanguinary obsessions. Though one has learned not to get one’s hopes up. Meantime:


Most sincerely gratitude to our evening’s phlebotomist, Ms. Sarah Hudson, RN, for her donation of time, expertise, and post-plasmic cookies. Your presence very likely saved Zac a trip to the emergency room, and the requisite psychiatric eval.

And in case you missed it the hundredth time:

The “Evelyn McHale” video, directed by Judah Switzer

Download the “Evelyn McHale” MP3