July 26, 2010
8:21 am

External Hard Drive Mondays: Are You Embarrassed Easily?

Before we begin: SHOW NEWS

• WEDNESDAY JULY 28th: Holocene, Portland


and now, without further ado.


I have terrible luck with external hard drives. There are a great number of influencing factors w/r/t this, but the primary truth of the matter is, I am mostly just terrible at backing things up. I’ve lost so much.

In an effort to be somewhat more responsible with this ephemera, I’m setting about backing up these documents in this forum. There are, of course, more crass motivations for this endeavor—but I suppose that could be said for virtually everything that we do. You’re welcome to take a gander. I’ll keep it up until it’s all gone.

Today’s Feature:


Are You Embarrassed Easily?

Commissioned for the third installment of the Portland Funbook—an activity book featuring Portland artists, with proceeds benefitting Amnesty International—”Are You Embarrassed Easily?” was featured on the accompanying 7″, comprised of 12 one-minute songs (other contributors included our friends in Au, & The Thermals). It was more or less written and recorded in a day—all in Eddy’s weird high rise apartment a few summers ago—which I gather probably shows. As far as I know, this is the first time it’s been made available digitally. Eddy had a real thing for MIDI orchestra stabs at the time, which I think served this pretty well.