October 26, 2010
11:57 am

Keep Calm & Carry On.

Much news.

Firstly, it is our pleasure to announce that the woefully delayed pressing of Privilege, pt. II: The Past, Imperfect has finally found its way into the dubious hands of the United States Postal Service. Thank you all for being so sympathetic and patient with the manufacturing delays. You are all too kind.


Slightly further down the docket comes the exciting (for us anyway) progress that we have been making on the Privilege series. Over the past week, Jherek and Zac have held up at our remote second home in The Nakamal Studio, crafting what will more or less amount to both the third and fourth installments of Privilege. Working titles so far include: “That One That Sounds Sorta Like Depeche Mode,” “The Rocker (Byrds song),” “Personal Jesus Song,” and “That Other One That Sounds Sorta Like Depeche Mode”. Some Great Reward, amirite?



Furthermore, our dear friends at Tomlab have kindly offered us the honor of concluding the illustrious Alphabet Series with a pair of exclusive recordings: The above streaming Chris & Cosey cover “October Love Song,” along with a “band” version of “The Plague of Marcus (Prelude),” the recorded debut of one of the songs written for “The Dorothy K.”—our collaboration with experimental theatre ensemble Implied Violence.

Picture 1

Speaking of which: Seattle’s Frye Art Museum is presently hosting a retrospective exhibition on I.V., which features a great deal of ephemera from both the New York and Austrian iterations of “The Dorothy K.” To celebrate, please enjoy this recently unearthed live recording of “The Wolves Who Hide Amongst The Trees,” one of the performance’s seven songs by composer Brian Lawlor & Parenthetical Girls.


With any luck, we will have gathered the funding to produce a full scale orchestral recording of the song cycle sometime at the start of the new year. Fingers crossed.

This is a lot of news.


Parenthetical Girls