November 29, 2010
2:05 pm

Black Friday & Cyber Monday DEALZ.


Dear Friends—

Parenthetical Girls are here to happily milk you for the holidays. On Black Friday we posted a compendium of Christmas songs that we’ve recorded over the last hundred years or so to a Bandcamp page, appropriately and non-commitally titled “CHRISTMAS.” Careful readers may realize that all of these songs have been previously released for free in low-quality MP3 versions over the years, but if you care to lay down a pittance for more concise, high-quality versions of the same material, we wouldn’t kick you out of Cyber Bed.

Additionally, we would like to celebrate cyber capitalism with an additional sale: introducing our bright and shiny new CYBERMONDAY DEAL:

I found another box of Christmas Creep 7″s, just in time for the holidays. For $6.00 postage paid (in the USA, $6.50 and $8.00 in Canada and the rest of the world, respectively), we’ll send you a personalized copy of one of last year’s X-Mas singles, featuring “Flowers for Albion” and our Sparks cover “Thank God It’s Not Christmas”. The sleeves were letter-pressed by Zac, and were given out to our friends and family as Christmas gifts last year. Each cover features a blank space to denote the record’s intended recipient, which we will happily fill in for you, should you specify the recipient (you?) in paypal’s “special shipping instructions” box. Free digital Download, as well. For December only!


Yours in commerce,