April 27, 2011
10:14 am

Dutiful Press Round-Up.

Ink and 1s and 0s from around the globe: some items of potential interest for the otherwise unoccupied:

“Takes One To Know One”—A piece Zac wrote for Impose Magazine’s “Friends With Benefits” Feature

Zac Joins Xiu Xiu (via Pitchfork)

Big Takeover Interview

Three Imaginary Girls Interview

The Needle & The Groove Interview

Zac’s Selections for The 405’s “Artist’s Picks” Feature


Additionally, Parenthetical Girls announce the soon-to-be proliferated “CAREFUL WHO YOU DANCE WITH” free remix EP, featuring mixes by Xiu Xiu, Former Ghosts, Tearist, and more.

Download the Xiu Xiu mix NOW via RCRDLBL