August 20, 2012
9:08 am

Privilege Is Over.



The Privilege Box Set is finally available for PRE-ORDER. Thank you for you patience.

These boxes will be handmade to order—which is to say, THE BOX & ALL OF ITS FEATURES WILL BE EXCLUSIVELY MADE AVAILABLE VIA PREORDER .

And here is what to expect:

• A Limited Edition (500 total) copy of Privilege, pt. V: Portrait of a Reputation—the fifth and final installment of the Privilege cycle—hand-numbered in the blood of cover star Paul Alcott. It will feature five new recordings, the most so far of any of the Privilege EPs. Those recordings are:

• A beautiful, silkscreened, slipcase box designed to house all of the previous Privilege EPs—a grand and vulgar temple for a tremendously narcissistic cause. (I assume this goes without saying, but Privilege I-IV are NOT included.)

• An exhaustive 12-page, 12″ x 12″ booklet featuring the collected lyrics, album credits, & secrets for the whole of the Privilege series.

• A DVD featuring all of the Privilege films with commentary, blood documentation videos, live performances, & other ephemera.

• One Pre-Orderer, chosen at random, will receive the crucifix featured in “The Pornographer” video.

I hope sincerely that everyone finds this product to be reasonably priced, and apologize if it all seems exorbitant—we’ve done our best to keep this set as affordable as possible, but considering quality standards and the absurdly small edition of these pieces, the base cost is fairly staggering. We’re not trying to rip you off—we’re merely trying to break even.

It’s been a long time coming. I can’t believe it’s come.

The Dream is Dead, Boys. Long Live the Dream.