May 20, 2013
7:55 pm

Sing Me To Sleep.

Before we begin, there is a small matter of commerce. We would like to humbly clear out some of the shirts remaining from the European tour. Turns out, winking, awkwardly phrased English text is perhaps not the most suitable streetwear for the discerning European audience. As such, We’ve got a considerable number of t-shirts that We would like to off-load at clearance prices. There are two styles:



Each style is $15 postage paid in the US, $20 to Europe Update: Due to unsolicited sodomy at the hands of USPS, I’m afraid I’ve got to make some adjustments to international prices–see above. Shirts are Gildan, and as such are a touch larger than their American Apparel counterparts. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


And then…

We came, we saw, we came again, we collapsed. Europe is over, and I have spent the last several days sending a slew of apologies to parties across the European Union and beyond. My body is covered with bruises and bumps from the adrenaline fueled hijinks that have more or less taken over the live show. Introspective songwriter as dancing bear. Dancing bear as cargo driver. I don’t care if I never get back. Thank you Europe—I want you to know that above all else, I tried my best. These are some pictures of the back of Amber’s head, as part of Paul Alcott’s “Bow Knows____” Series, via Instagram.

Bow Knows Nürnberg.

Bow Knows Salford.

Bow Knows Chemnitz.

Bow Knows Venice.

Bow Knows the Vatican

Bow Knows Zurich.

That about does it. Thank you for your hospitality, all. You were all far kinder than we ever deserved. xo, Parenthetical Girls.