A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas

If It’s Time For Christmas
(lyrics by E. Scott Yates)

E. Scott Yates Intro: Well, it’s that time of year again, and as the air gets a little colder, our hearts get a little warmer in the spirit of giving. And seeing as such, Parenthetical Girls has a few new tunes we’d like to share with y’all this holiday season. And while keeping in with the old times as well as with the new, I’d like to start things off with a little number I like to call “If It’s Time For Christmas”. And well, it goes a little something like this:

If it’s time for Christmas
That’s probably when you’ll hear this
I wrote a song for Christmas

Just for you to hear
If it’s time for Christmas
That’s probably when you’ll hear this
Everybody’s filled with Christmas joy and Christmas cheer

And if it’s time for Christmas
I hope you’ll join in with us
Singing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Come on, alright, it’s christmas time
baby, get ready for christmas
Singin’ Fa-la-la-la-la

Have a very Merry Christmas this year

Do You Fear What I Fear

When we wake on Christmas Morning
Underworn and over-slept
We’ll face the day we always have
with coy indifference

Our brows adorned with ornamental scorn
the same we’ve worn since we were kids
and how we’d sooner skip completely
December 24-26

But could it be were we to just believe
In virgin birth and Christmas cheer
Our holidays could all be bright and gay…
and not the way our parents fear

And so I’m offering this simple phrase
To which I hope we’ll all adhere
To every faithless heart who lay in wait:
We’re taking Christmas back this year
We’ll wake unafraid
And evade the obligations we’ve made
We’ll take aim to reclaim
The final days
Of the calendar’s page

Felt of feigned—
Has no place
In our new Holiday

And what remains we will embrace
And celebrate
Each new escape we create

And just when our hearts threaten to distend
The season will end
And the New Year descend

But ’til then
I solemnly command
With out-stretched hand
Christmas, be ours again

Carol Of the Season

If the season lasts forever…

Festive Friends (Forever)

Faithful friends
It’s Christmas time again
and the close of yet one more year

We’ve searched so long
For shelter and for calm
Just to find it’s always been here

So fretful friends
It’s Christmas time again
Paper chains have all disappeared

Join along in everlasting song
Raise your voice that all shall hear:


Fairweather friends
It’s Christmas time again
and the close of yet one more year

Our days grow short
And troubles seldom worn
As the yuletide draws ever near

Fitful friends
It’s Christmas time again
Evergreens embellished with care

Thoughts that stray
To hearts so far away
And the timeless gifts that we share

Fearless friends
It’s Christmas time again
Silver bells ring through frosty air

It took so long
To fade this Christmas song
One more chime, and we’ll end it there

Last Christmas, Pt. II

Away from wind that ruddies up your skin
Away from all the troubles setting in
To gather round the ones that we hold dear
As they may not be here this time next year

For time does collapse
Into the past
So greet this Christmas as though it were your last

We’ll raise a glass to dreams we gave away
And celebrate the few that still remain

Just cast aside
Your fickle pride
And greet this Christmas as though it were your last

So find the time
To make time
And greet each Christmas as though it were your last