Addendum ep


As our promise fades
With the angles of our faces
And girlish frames
And as my body breaks
The obsessive lengths I take
To desperately maintain

Oh potential fame
Please protect the family name
As I decay
And oh dysmorphic shame
And the burdens of a waist
That won’t waste away

We stammer just to speak
Of the finish on our teeth
And sallow cheeks
Our fickle flesh portends
That our fingers will meet backs of throats again

Oh can’t we just be satisfied?
And aren’t we just so lucky to be alive?
Why can’t we just be satisfied?
And aren’t we all so lucky to be alive?


As long as we keep dancing, darling
And the words i say still mean absolutely nothing

You’ll keep yours with him
And i’ll keep mine hidden
Safe as houses
Behind keyholes and curtains

Lock the door behind you, darling
And box away those awful feelings
A new entry in your strained litany
Of things that make you hate your body

Draw the curtains on your darkest dealings
And dear darling I will try the same thing
I’m not certain what’s incriminating
We’d do best to leave out everything

So save your breath dear—
You don’t have to
Because your weighted inflections speak volumes
And your cranberry cheeks betray you

So just keep yours with him
And i’ll keep mine hidden
Two strangers bound by nothing certain

Safe as houses behind keyholes and curtains


Still falling in love with everything you see
Aren’t we getting long in the teeth?
And how can you take yourself seriously?
You spend it so easily

Still filling that hole at opportunity
Convinced it’s between your knees
When fucking and feel just never agree
You give in so easily

Hold fast
Hold tight
Tonight, like every night


Christmas comes just once a year
Raise your weary voice in cheer
Merry hearts find ways to sing
Glory, Hark, and Joy, Our King

Clear and sure the church bells ring
Through the streets, they’re beckoning
Brash and bright and insincere
Christmas comes but once a year

Wait for the day
and when it came
Nothing changed
This holiday
We’ll file away
A year in vain
And wait for next year