July 20, 2012
2:26 pm

Portrait of a Reputation.

Privilege is over. For all intents. We recorded the final installment a while ago, but with Jherek’s busy schedule of late we’ve had a difficult time putting the necessary final touches upon it. Thank you for your patience.

I shipped the master to the plant last week, and will hopefully receive tests relatively soon. There is still much work to be done before we get all official, but I thought it useful to share a little information about what to expect this time around.

Portrait of a Reputation is the title of the fifth and final installment of the Privilege cycle. It will feature five new recordings, the most so far of any of the Privilege EPs. It was recorded in the usual fashion, by Jherek Bischoff at The Nakamal, with additional tracking at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, in various pacific northwestern living rooms, and in Paul Alcott’s cave of electronic wonders. It will feature coverstar Paul Alcott, whose propensity for fainting spells at the sight of blood (his own and others’) will be something of an obstacle to overcome.

As promised, there will be an optional box that will be made available for order as part of Pt.V, which will be designed to house all of the previous Privilege EPs—a grand and vulgar temple for a tremendously narcissistic cause. If all goes as planned, an additional DVD (featuring all of the Privilege films [w/commentary], blood documentation videos, live performances, and other ephemera) & and an exhaustive lyric and credit book will also be included. I’m sorting all of these things out as they come, which may make this whole process take a little longer than usual.

The box and each of its features will most likely only be handmade to order—which is to say, THE BOX & IT’S PARTS WILL (probably) ONLY BE MADE AVAILABLE VIA PREORDER .(This is for purely practical concerns, as the notion of potentially storing several hundred un-purchased and empty boxes in my tiny home is a lot less desirable than housing actual records).

Privilege is almost over. Privilege is almost over.