December 26, 2010
2:00 pm

Post-Holiday Blow-out Sale!


Dear Digital Friends:

The dwarfish cabin that Zac occupies in SouthEast Portland, Oregon—a home which doubles as a warehouse for the Slender Means Society record label—has of late grown dense with storage-intensive vinyl wares due to our continued Privilege project. As such, we’ve decided to trim up some stock by offering an astounding deal—a chance for every digital pirate among us to atone for their sins, and to do so on the cheap. Digital Indulgences, if you will.

For a limited time, buy ALL THREE Parenthetical Girls full-lengths on Compact Disc—2004’s (((GRRRLS))), 2006’s Safe As Houses, and 2008’s Entanglements—for one staggeringly low, postage-paid price: only $25.00 in North America, or $30.00 World Wide. We’re breaking the bank!


Sale Ends the first week of January, 2011. By God, get right by God!